Pursuant to Republic Act No. 7160, the office of the Local Accountant’s is mandated to perform the following tasks:

  • Take charge of both the accounting and internal audit services of the LGU;
  • Review supporting documents before preparation of vouchers to determine completeness of requirements;
  • Prepare and submit financial statements to the Local Chief Executive (LCE) and the Sangguniang concerned.

For year 2020, the Office of the City Accountant has 56 personnel—30 permanent employees, 1 detailed permanent employee, 1 detailed casual employee and 24 job order hirees. There are also 9 vacant positions that are awaiting to be filled up in the Office. (photo credits: Cecelle R. Ramos)

As an organization, the Office of the City Accountant, headed by Ms. Glezen Leah Marie Vedad-Remigoso, CPA, believes that every workforce should have a self-imposed responsibility to society in areas such as the environment, the economy, employee well-being, and competition ethics. This is more commonly known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As such, the timeline below shows the current undertakings of the Office since July 2019:

  • July to November 2019

The CU Administration spearheaded the SIGLAKAS 2019 which focused on the healthy and active lifestyle of the government workforce. Consequently, the Office of the City Accountant together with the Office of the City Treasurer, enthusiastically participated in the said activity. (photo credits: Cecelle R. Ramos)

  • December 2019

To be true to its vision of making a work-life balance set-up for the employee’s well-being and satisfaction, the Office of the City Accountant had an intimate Christmas Party or “Binuwagan” as fondly called by the employees. (photo credits: Cecelle R. Ramos)

  • January to September 2020

One of the lived traditions in the Office of the City Accountant which is still being practiced until today is the birthday celebrations of workers who were born in that particular month. Each month, the birthday celebrants will prepare sumptuous food for their co-employees making this a time of savoring the essence of not just being a co-employee, but more so of being in one family that gives birth to the branding as “Pamilya Accounting”. (photo credits: Cecelle R. Ramos)

Showing one’s care to Mother Earth, the Office of the City Accountant actively participated in the Oolong Tea Tree Planting activity by the CU Administration last September 24, 2020. Oolong tea drinks were also shared by the participants. (photo credits: Hannah C. Apdian)

“Pamilya Accounting” also participated in the Planting of Benguet Trees Activity at Da Grove, Gingoog Highway 955 last September 25, 2020.  (photo credits: Cecelle R. Ramos)

A year or so has passed since the CU Administration took over in governing Gingoog City, the “City of Goodluck” and Pamilya Accounting has always been one with the administration in promoting whatever that will bring goodness and welfare to the people and to the community.