Civil registration is an important aspect in every person’s life. Every child born has the fundamental right to have their own identity documented through the Certificate of Live Birth and afford them their civil rights. Union between Man and Woman is recognized through Marriage for such union to be recognized as legal and binding and as to enjoy marital rights afforded to individuals. Termination of Life is registered through death to record termination of one’s civil rights.

Data from registration of birth, marriage and death are used by our policy makers in formulating policies and programs related to population, health, security and other policies for the welfare of the general public, hence the importance of civil registration.


The City Civil Registrar’s Office was created through Section 454 of R.A. 7160 which provides mandatory creation of the City Civil Registrar’s Office. The City Civil Registry Office is responsible for the civil registration program of the city pursuant to the Civil Registration Laws.


Committed to achieve the highest standards in the field of registration, archiving, issuance and information dissemination


We provide prompt and accurate civil document registration of all civil documents of “Gingoognons”, and all persons whose special life events took place within the territorial limits of the city, and adhere to observe the Civil Registry Law and other existing laws of the Philippine Republic.


1. Commit to offer our clients sincere and dedicated service

2. Provide and explain things they need to know and make civil registration easier

3. Be eager to treat and address our clients’ needs, acknowledge any mistakes or honest oversights we may commit and take remedial or corrective action/s promptly within our capacity

4. Promise to render prompt and accurate service, clear explanation to our clients, review the essential civil registry documents, secure and keep safe of the civil registry records

5. Attend to all applicants or requesting parties who are within the premises of the office prior to the end of official working hours and during lunch break

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The Mass Wedding is held every February 14th of the year.